Research Experience

  • Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery
    • Advisor: Dr. Anthony Gitter.
    • Molecule discrimination and generation.
    • Molecule represention.
    • Reinforced multi-task learning.
    • An integrated website for online molecule discimination/generation.
    • More details to be added.
  • Exploring Gradient Diversity, Model Capacity, Adversarial Attack
  • Graph Representation


  • Facebook, 2016 Summer
    • Software Engineering Internship
    • With full-time return offer.
  • HCR Co, 2015
    • Under the guidance of Chief Technical Director, Dr. Liang Ma.
    • Applied Bloom Filter for fast search among one billion items of data.
    • Utilized K-means, K-means++, bisecting K-means and Canopy K-means for comparison.
    • Compared the clustering validity by five common validity indices.
    • Presented the final results in data visualization by ECharts and Baidu Map.
    • Presentation slides can be found here


  • Reviewer for ISMB-ECCB 2019, NeurIPS 2019.
  • I am doing some academia paper cleaning works. Feel free to make any contributions.
  • First Prize, Microsoft College Code Competition(MSFT3C) in year 2015, 2016.
  • TA for CS 564, UW-Madison, 2016 Spring – Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation.
  • Third Prize, 2015 ACM-ICPC North Central Regional.